Art Commissions are currently: OPEN 

Suit Commissions are currently: CLOSED


Looking for a fursuit or art quote? Follow the steps below!

Fursuit Quote:

*Currently I am only offering partial suit commissions*

Please lay out your quote request email like this, feel free to copy and paste this message:



Subject: Quote request for {insert characters name here}

Dear Fluffmaker,

My name is {insert name} and I would like a quote for the below character.

{Please Upload a digital reference sheet for your character. If you require one to be made for you, that service is avaliable for a base price of £90}

{Delete all of the below that are non-applicable}

  • Teeth/No Teeth
  • Hair poof/No Hair
  • 4 Fingered Puffy Paws/5 Fingered Paws
  • Claws/No Claws
  • Armsleeves/No Armsleeves
  • Regular Tail/Waggable Tail *Not available for curled tails
  • Outdoor Feetpaws/No feetpaws


  • Other importatnt specific features/details: {antlers, horns,etc}

Did you have a particular, highquality fur in mind? If so please include a link:


I have read and agreed to your Terms of service, the passcode is: {insert passcode here}.

I look forward to your response,

{insert name}. 


I aim to respond within 56 hours of receiving your email but depending on the number of quotes I have to supply it may take a little longer. Thank you in advance for your patience, I can’t wait to work with you! 

If you have any queiries that weren’t covered by our F.A.Q please feel free to drop us a message.

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