Art Commissions are currently: OPEN 

Suit Commissions are currently: OPEN

How to Commission

     This is a step by step walk through of our commission process for a Fluff Maker suit of your very own.

1. Reference Sheet

     First things first, you’re going to want a character and a solid idea of what they look like, so you can show me! 

  The best way to do this is with a reference sheet, (I will only accept those digitally coloured and SFW). This should show your character from the front, back and side in full colour.

     Not sure what you’d like? Go for an Artistic Liberty suit. Give us some simple details – suit type, species, colour – and I’ll decide the rest! Beware, these suits are prone to additional freebies! 

2. Save Up

 You’ll want to have at least 30% of the end cost prepared to be ready when quotes open. So have a look at the Pricing page to decide what kind of suit you’d like.

3. Ask for a Quote

Send in for a quote using this format!

This is a comprehensive look at which furs and other materials will be required to complete your suit, as well as time needed. Bear in mind this differs from the base price depending on the complexity of your design.
Please make sure you are happy with the design you are submitting as any changes to the design after a quote is given may change the price you were quoted.

I will respond to you with a price quote. Email me to let me know you’re still interested! Quote prices are only reliable for the time period in which they are given, so get back to me while I’m still open or you may have to fill in another quote form.

From here I will select those I’m going to be working with for the season. If you aren’t selected this time don’t be afraid to try again! I can’t work with everyone at once so unfortunately some aren’t going to be accepted the first time they apply.

Those selected will receive an acceptance email.

4. Secure your Spot

      Receiving your acceptance email isn’t the end of it.

Your email will detail:

The work you’ve asked us to do.
The total amount due (excluding shipping)
Estimated completion date

     Now you will need to send 30% of the total amount as a deposit, which will be clearly specified. The Deposit is Non-Refundable as it pays for the materials needed for your suit

Paying the deposit secures your spot, nothing is finalized without it.

I will also discuss payment plans at this point and when you will be able to finish paying the complete amount. See Terms of Service for information on payment plans.

5. Preparation

After I receive your initial payment I’ll send you a form with a list of measurements needed to construct your suit (Shoe size, Head Circumference, etc).

If you have ordered a full suit I will require you to send a duck tape dummy (DTD). The better fitting your DTD, the better your suit will fit.

6. Creation

Once I receive everything I need from you (Deposit, Measurements, DTD, etc) I can begin creating your suit!

This is the most exciting part for everyone involved and I will send you regular work in progress pictures via email as well as posting on social media. If you want to keep your suit a surprise let me know!

If I have any questions about design that have not been previously covered I will ask you during this process so I can create the character you’ve always dreamed of.

This is generally the lengthiest process for me as I am only one person. Be patient and enjoy seeing your character come to life.

By the end of this process your suit must be fully paid for so we can move on to the next step.

7. Shipping

        Once your suit is completed, I will need an address to send it to. I will also have sent you the suits shipping cost, please understand that I cannot send off your suit until everything is paid for.

     Your suit will be sent with tracking so you can see where it is on it’s journey to you. 

     Please bear in mind that I have no control over the package once it is shipped and if there are any customs charges to be paid that is solely the customers responsibility.

8. Have Fun!

       Now your suit is with you, have fun being your character. Have a look at the Suit Care Guide to see how to keep your fursuit looking its best. 

     Your suit is built to last but if you have any repairs needed within 90 days of owning the suit I will repair them free of charge with the buyer paying shipping both ways.

     I can’t wait to see you out and about! It’s always enjoyable seeing suits I’ve made, so if you have any images or footage you’d like me to post or repost, (Unboxing’s are my favourite!) don’t hesitate to email or tag me on socials. 

If you have any queiries that weren’t covered by our F.A.Q please feel free to drop us a message.

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