Art Commissions are currently: OPEN

Suit Commissions are currently: CLOSED

Price List

This is a simple guide to help you understand our prices and give you some idea of what your total may be when ordering a custom-made suit.

Fursuit Prices


Heads:  £850

*All heads include 3D follow me eyes 


4 Digit Puffy Paws:  £225

5 Digit Paws:  £200



Nub Tail:  £75

Short Tail:  £125

Long Tail:  £175

Floor Dragger:  £225


Outdoor Feetpaws: £275

Indoor Feetpaws: £325


Art Prices


Lineart: £15

Flat Colour:  £25

Cel shaded: £35



Lineart: £20

Flat Colour:  £30

Cel shaded: £40



Half Body:

Lineart: £25

Flat Colour:  £35

Cel shaded: £45



Full Body:

Lineart: £30

Flat Colour:  £40

Cel shaded: £50



One View: £40

Additional Views:  +£25

Props: +£10

*These refsheets are always flat colour and fursuit friendly


Please bear in mind, these are base prices; the price is influenced by the number of markings, colours, materials used and the complexity of the character.

When we are open for suit commissions there will be a link to our quote format for a more conclusive price.

If you have any queiries that weren’t covered by our F.A.Q please feel free to drop us a message.

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