Fursuit Premade ~ Fox Mini Partial ~May 2022


This cute fox premade fursuit comes as a mini partial. It features an adjustable Toony style Head with 3D “follow me” eyes, puffy style and paws with squishy beans and a very swishy tail.


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This adorable ready to wear Fox fursuit is suitable for almost everybody! The fursuit mask features a zip down the back and Velcro adjustable elastic to support the mask on your head. It comfortably fits a 24″ head without adjustment. The the inside is roomy around the eyes, prefect for glasses wearers!  It also helps with getting some airflow around the face. The tail allows for a belt to be passed through the tail base. This attaches securely to your body and allows maximum wagging for any body type. These fursuit paws are lined in cotton and will comfortably fit small and medium hands. They aren’t recommended for hands measuring longer than 20cm (8″) from the bottom of the palm to the tallest finger top.

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Dimensions45 × 45 × 45 cm


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