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Suit Commissions are currently: OPEN

Terms of Service

Please be aware that by purchasing products or services from Fluff Maker you are agreeing to ALL of the following terms and conditions. 

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a fursuit from FLUFF MAKER and be willing to provide valid, up to date identification upon request. In compliance with current GDPR regulations, any identification given as proof will be deleted after inspection. This also applies to any addresses and phone numbers given, which are requested for shipping purposes only.

If you don’t meet these eligibility requirements or falsify documents, FLUFF MAKER reserves the right to cancel orders.


FLUFF MAKER reserves the right to share photos of the completed product for portfolio and advertisement purposes through social media.


FLUFF MAKER reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. 



To receive a quote from FLUFF MAKER you will need to send a SFW three view reference sheet. This reference will be used to create your suit if you are accepted; changes to this reference will void your quote and you will have to reapply.

Quotes are only valid for the time period in which they are given so we ask that you are very serious about commissioning before submitting an application. Pricing is subject to change between openings.

FLUFF MAKER will not attempt to recreate any other artist’s style or the styles of copyrighted franchises. By commissioning FLUFF MAKER, the Customer accepts that they own the rights, or have permission to use the design submitted. Please do not submit characters that you do not own, or copyrighted characters and designs you do not have the permission to use.

The requested verification word is – Butterfly.

If you cannot provide this word when requested the transaction will be halted.



You will receive multiple work in progress photos and general updates throughout the build.

Please contact FLUFF MAKER as soon as possible if you notice any errors as they may not be  fixable later down the line.

Please respond in a timely manner if there are any problems, if you do not contact FLUFF MAKER work will continue.

FLUFF MAKER will not work to any deadlines. Estimated time frames can be requested but this is not a deadline.



Your suit must be paid for in full, including shipping, before it is sent to you.

Payments are accepted in GBP only and are to be paid via Paypal’s Goods and Service.

When cancelling a pre-made (ready to wear fursuit) order, a restocking fee of 15% of the total purchase price will be incurred. Customers will be refunded all but the 15% restocking fee.

Payment of 30% of your quoted cost must be made upfront to guarantee your slot. This deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. If your commission is chosen you will have 56 hours to pay the deposit for your slot, if you do not respond your slot may be passed to another client. Contact FLUFF MAKER to inquire about slot holding, an arrangement may be made depending on avaliability.

Payment plans are available. Please mention that this is something you would be interested in when submitting your quote request and the specific options for your commission will be  made known to you. 

Once your fursuit has been completed no refunds will be made. If you require a refund during the building progress you will be refunded what is left from the material cost and labour cost.

In this case the costume will be completed and sold to regain the loss of earnings. Suits may be modified on resale however FLUFF MAKER reserves the right to complete the suit in its full original state as commissioned if it is close to completion. Refunds may take some time to be fulfilled while a new client is found to fill your slot/the commissioned suit is sold.



Suits are always shipped with tracking; that tracking number will be provided once your items are shipped. Please do not ask for your suit to be shipped untracked/uninsured to reduce costs; budget for postage ahead of time as this is an unavoidable expense.

FLUFF MAKER ships costumes Worldwide – details are discussed on an individual basis. Please be aware that if you are not in the UK it is very likely your package will incur customs and handling fees. FLUFF MAKER is not responsible for these fees and cannot control how much you may be liable to pay to release your items. Shipping and any customs charges are the sole responsibility of the customer. Once a package has been shipped it is beyond FLUFF MAKER control.

Pick up from conventions or events is an option if attending those events. Pick up from the workshop is not an option.



FLUFF MAKER fursuits are covered under warranty for 90 days from date of shipment to Customer.  Warranty covers minor rips and tears that happen within the 90 day period.  Damage not covered by warranty includes:  water damage, misuse, negligence in the care of the suit, improper storage, or destruction of any part of the suit.  Any modification made to the suit, by the Customer or any party other than FLUFF MAKER, immediately voids all warranty.

Notify FLUFF MAKER immediately if you believe your suit needs repair during the 90 day warranty period.  Notification may require photos of the damage to the suit, as well as a written description.  If the suit is eligible for repair under warranty, FLUFF MAKER will repair the suit, but the Customer pays shipping both directions.  Repairs for suits not covered under warranty may be offered at FLUFFMAKER’s discretion, but will incur a fee for the repair.

FLUFF MAKER is available to make fit adjustments, at an additional charge, to be determined based on the adjustments needed.  The Customer will be responsible for shipping costs both directions.

Any suit returned to FLUFF MAKER for any reason must be clean prior to being returned.  Failure to clean the suit will result in refusal of repair work.



FLUFF MAKER is not liable for any injury, damages, illness or death that may occur whilst wearing a FLUFF MAKER fursuit.

As a FLUFF MAKER fursuiter, you are accepting the risks of owning and wearing a fursuit.  

When wearing a costume you might have limited vision, restricted movement and be susceptible to overheating. It is recommended that you have a handler to help you especially if you are out in public, take breaks regularly, and drink plenty of water to avoid any mishaps.

Even having followed these general guidelines, you, as the Customer and wearer, are responsible for your own health and well-being while wearing a FLUFF MAKER fursuit, as it can still pose some health risks. This is including, but not limited to, risk of falls, disorientation, dehydration, fatigue, and heat stroke.  Please look after yourself and know your limits!

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change – Last edited 05/2022


If you have any queiries that weren’t covered by our F.A.Q please feel free to drop us a message.

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